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May 7, 2016

Ford Theater


At the outset of “Music Masters: A Conversation with Bob Neuwirth,” museum staffer and host Michael McCall introduced his guest as a "lightning-rod presence," highlighting his role as an instigator associated with seminal artists including Joan Baez, T Bone Burnett, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Kris Kristofferson, and Patti Smith.


"His albums have all been about gathering artists he respected and seeing what came out of that moment," McCall said. "Uniformly, what came out of those gatherings was music made not for the charts, but for the ages. T Bone Burnett, in fact, called Bob 'the best pure songwriter of any of us.'"


The strength of Neuwirth’s writing is underscored by the talents with whom he has written. He penned “Mercedes Benz” with Joplin, and “Rock & Roll Time” with Kristofferson and Roger McGuinn.






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"Peter Case and Bob Neuwirth on the same stage? Well, alright then, just wind 'em up tighter than a cheap watch and let 'em go. Case comes from a long line of circus people, mostly fire eaters and knife throwers. Neuwirth was once married to Marilyn Monroe. For the price of a ticket you could get a full education."

Eric Taylor


Neuwirth is a master story-teller……….his vocals and writing are so unique, so heartfelt, so absolutely committed, even if he told us he had no idea what he was doing there. I was left feeling sad that I had never seen him before. Sad that he is not more known. His voice is somewhere between Ralph Stanley and Willie Nelson and his phrasing is nothing short of tremendous. His general style is very old school and very earnest even when you are howling with laughter along with the rest of the audience at some sharp and cutting humor within a song.

Vince Bell, Bob Neuwirth and Geoff Muldaur

Hyde Park Theater, Austin, TX

November 13th, 2005


Por Vida


The album's most moving track is also family-inspired: Bob Neuwirth collaborates with Willie Nelson's harmonica virtuoso, Mickey Raphael, on the beautiful "Rosalie," in which Escovedo recast love letters exchanged between his father and his mother back home in Mexico as whispered declarations of enduring love despite seven years of agonizing separation. A miniature, and a masterpiece.

By Richard Harrington

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, August 1, 2004


Havana Midnight


Havana Midnight is not the kind of record that grabs you by the throad and changes your perceptions with some loud musical statement. But one listen is enough for its subtle charm to creep under your skin and work its magic in mysterious ways. ****

Ernesto Lechner-Tower Pulse March 2000


Look Up


"It's Neuwirth's best album and goes a long way toward explaining why he's such an underground legend."

Geoffrey Himes-New Country-June 1996


Last Day on Earth


"Last Day is something of a pop music Canterbury Tales."

The New York Times



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